The Small Cell Forum Release Program has now established business cases and market drivers for all the main use cases. Our most recent outputs address the business drivers, technology, architectures and deployment considerations for virtualized small cells.

Small cell virtualization will be a key enabler of 5G HetNets, enterprise services and the Internet of Things (IoT), offering significant benefits including scalability, agility, cost reduction and network slicing.

Virtualization allows network functions to be separated from the radio, and run on commodity hardware, including the cloud. This allows resources to be scaled dynamically according to the number and type of mobile services in use.

This latest set of documents comprise a practical working guide detailing technical and commercial best practice for operators planning to deploy Network Function Virtualization (NFV). Access our Release site »

Small cell siting: regulatory and deployment considerations


The regulatory implications of hyperdense deployment are a critical issue for our industry. The successful delivery of dense HetNets depends on the collaboration of a large number of stakeholders – regulators, administrations, municipal authorities, site owners, operators and vendors. This document aims to outline the ways in which these stakeholders can cooperate to fulfil the maximum potential of small cells. It also aims to raise awareness among the stakeholders, ranging from equipment producers, operators, integrators, policy makers, and local administrations, that are involved in the approval, acceptance and roll out of the small cells layers of the mobile networks.

Download Small cell siting: Streamlining administrative processes and procedures »

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