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SCF Workplan Webinar – Cannes Plenary

Date: Tuesday 14 March 2017   |  Time: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM GMT

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  • Want to know what goes on inside a SCF Plenary? We’re hosting a short webinar to explain more about the way we work and what we achieve when we meet. If you’re thinking of registering for the plenary, but aren’t sure what is involved or how to justify the trip, this short webinar will provide you with all the information you need. Join the working group Chairs and SCF leadership team for a whistle stop tour of the itinerary.

    Members of the Forum – including leading operators and high profile vendors – will gather in Cannes next month to discuss and decide the next steps that will prepare the industry for 5G. Make your voice heard as we tackle the business and technology enablers that need to be in place before the first 5G New Radio is deployed. From business models to backhaul, from automation to virtualization, you can be involved in setting the requirements and solving the problems for the mobile industry.

    If you have any queries, please get in touch via memberservices@smallcellforum.org


Securing the future: A members-only webinar

Date: Thursday 17 November 2016   |  Time: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM GMT

  • Join security expert David Rogers for a lively educational session on emerging technology security. Understand what the industry has done to secure small cells, the future of enterprise security, threats and concerns, what next for security in IoT and 5G.

  • Small cells are part of an emerging heterogeneous future, leading to 5G. Many different types of device will be connecting to future networks, some entirely controlled by machines, leading to new and evolved types of attacks. The network itself is becoming amorphous and brings a whole new set of challenges.

    Securing this new world is a big concern for enterprises, governments and industry the world over. Small Cell Forum is at the cutting edge of ensuring that security for the next generation of network technology is in place and that end users of mobile products are secure.


    • What the industry has done to secure small cells
    • Implications for the future of enterprise security
    • What threats you need to concerned about and what you can do to mitigate them
    • What’s coming next – security opportunities and challenges from IoT to Mobile Edge Computing to 5G.


Towards 5G – Small Cell Forum’s HetNet & SON roadmap

Date: Tuesday 12 July   |  Time: 3pm BST

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  • The mobile industry is awash with 5G predictions and roadmaps, but what operators need urgently is a clear and pragmatic process to enhance their current platforms, and prepare the groundwork for the next generation.

    Small Cell Forum is providing just that transition path, defining a comprehensive HetNet framework architecture which can be implemented now, but provides a foundation for 5G.

  • In this webinar, Alan Law, Chair of SCF and David Orloff of AT&T will discuss and describe the key elements of a dense HetNet deployment with SON (self-optimizing networks). They will outline the content of the Forum’s latest Release, Release 7, which concentrates on HetNet and SON platforms, market drivers and 5G roadmaps.

    The webinar promises practical guidance and a route to the future, free of hype or 5G buzzwords. It will also be a chance to understand the Forum’s critical work in defining operator-driven technologies in key areas where carriers must make significant decisions now – virtualization, SON, densification and others.

    Every company working in the small cell market needs to take an active role in creating that roadmap, and this webinar will be a valuable passport to participation in the Forum’s work.

    This will not be just another look in the mobile crystal ball, but a set of practical steps, based on input from operators and on real world use cases. The speakers will share valuable and unique insights into what mobile providers are saying about the road to 5G – their commercial objectives and their challenges.


Small cell backhaul: Progress, challenges and next steps

Date: Thursday 7 July   |  Time: 4pm BST

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  • Backhaul connections for urban small cells are set to multiply by 20 times between 2016 and 2020, driving cumulative spending of $6.4bn in the same period (IHS Technology). Such forecasts reflect the fact that the outdoor small cell market is reaching its tipping point, as macro networks come under pressure and operators start to densify in areas of high usage.

    However, backhaul remains a challenging issue for many operators. Many problems have been addressed, with new technologies and deployment processes. But the goalposts are always moving as operators look to roll out denser networks with larger numbers of backhaul connections.

  • In this webinar, the Chair of the Small Cell Forum’s Backhaul Special Interest Group, Julius Robson, will discuss the most important priorities for HetNet backhaul, and describe the Forum’s roadmap to address them, both to enable near term deployments and looking ahead to 2020.

    He will be joined by Caroline Gabriel, research director of Rethink Technology Research, who will share some up-to-date insights into operators’ small cell backhaul plans, based on a recent global survey.

    This is an important opportunity to be part of the Forum’s work in this mission critical area of small cell deployment. You will receive updates on the latest developments in technology, deployment and the market, and full details of the next steps in the work program.

    Most importantly, we hope the webinar will be the first step towards your deeper involvement in the Forum’s work. It is essential to the success of small cells in the urban and rural markets that backhaul developments keep pace with those in other parts of the network – and that requires input from the whole ecosystem.

    Whether your organization is an operator, backhaul vendor or integrator, this is your chance to contribute to the program and influence the direction of this market.

    Join us on Thursday July 7 at 4pm BST/11am EST to be part of the next stage.


SCF Member Update: Releases and Collaborations

Date: Thursday 7 April  |  Time: 3pm BST

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  • This year is shaping up to be the busiest in the Small Cell Forum’s history, with a dense program of work items and a growing list of collaborations with other industry bodies. We want to ensure that all our members are fully up-to-date with these important activities and have the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing work.

  • This member only webcast will provide details of two vital aspects of the Forum’s work in 2016:

    A round-up of the large number of collaborations in which the Forum is engaged around the world. These include joint projects with the GSMA in Latin America and projects in MENA, work with 5G Americas, and with ETSI and NGMN.

    Then, the HetNet and SON champions and steering group will be sharing some early insights of the upcoming Release: These will include consensus definitions and expected messages for each deliverable. Rethink research will also be providing their initial view of the market drivers. We hope this will clarify the importance of the HetNet release to carriers across the globe, as well helping contributors understand how their pieces fit into the overall story.


Crossing the Chasm: Driving adoption of small cells

Date: Monday 7 December  |  Time: 9am and 5pm GMT

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  • Small Cell Forum’s recent ‘Crossing the Chasm’ report details an industry which has already reached some 12 million small cells deployed, which is continuing to experience double digit growth in the SOHO and residential market, and is also facing an explosion of deployment in the Enterprise space.

    In this webinar, Small Cell Forum chair Alan Law will join two key contributors to the report – Joe Madden of Mobile Experts and Caroline Gabriel of Rethink Technology Research – to present and discuss the findings.

  • The trio of industry experts will outline the drivers that have created market maturity during this year, and which will lead to more rapid expansion in 2016. They will also discuss broadening small cell architectures and emerging use cases, which are informing the ambitious new work program on which Small Cell Forum has recently embarked.

    Topics include:

    • Current level of small cell deployments and forecasts to 2020
    • Drivers for adoption in key sectors, especially enterprise
    • Changing architectures including remote radios and virtualization
    • Challenges arising from increased scale and range of use cases
    • Implications for the Forum’s work program from 2016 onwards

    This webinar is offered several times. Select the date and time that works best for you.


Small cells and Virtualization – key enablers of the new RAN

Date: Tuesday 22 October  |  Time: 3pm GMT + 1

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  • Small cell virtualization is one of the six key items which the Small Cell Forum identified in June to underpin its new work program. With surveys indicating that many operators expect virtualization to be a significant enabler for dense small cell deployments, the two technologies are clearly coming together to drive a new approach to mobile networks.

    In this webinar, two leaders of the Forum’s Virtualization work program, Mark Grayson of Cisco and Clare Somerville of Intel, will join Caroline Gabriel, Research Director of Rethink Technology Research, to discuss the ingredients for a commercially successful approach to this architecture.

    This will draw on work already done in the Forum’s Release 5.1, which focused on virtualization, and on plans for the current work item, which include new business cases such as ‘network as a service’, and the definition of the nFAPI interoperable interface for virtual small cells.

    • An overview of small cell virtualization, nFAPI and the work done already in the SCF’s Release 5.1 – Mark Grayson, distinguished consulting engineer at Cisco, SCF board member and virtualization workgroup champion
    • Key findings of new Rethink survey of mobile operator attitudes towards small cells and virtualization – Caroline Gabriel.
    • Discussion of the various use cases and functional splits which are emerging for virtualized small cell platforms – Clare Somerville, wireless systems engineer Intel and SCF virtualization use case lead.
    • Highlights of the Small Cell Forum’s business case for virtualization.

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