speaker program

12:00Small Cell Forum
12:30SoftBank Aya Mukaikubo, Deputy Manager
13:00Ericsson Martin Ljungberg, Strategic Product Manager, Small Cells Solutions
13:30American Tower Patrice McAree
14:00Huawei Xiaodi Song, Small Cell Vice President: The driven and trend of in-building digital economy
14:30iBwave Benoit Fleury VP, Product Line Management
15:00Radisys Neeraj Patel: Discussion on IoT technologies – CAT M1 and NB-IoT (CAT M2). Challenges, benefits and current operator strategies on both
15:30Parallel Wireless Kevin Kleinsmith, Solutions Architect: Removing Deployment Constraints of Small Cell vRAN and 5G HetNets
16:00Rethink Technology Research Caroline Gabriel, Research Director
16:30JC Decaux Benoît Paquin, Radio and Global Account Director
17:00Small Cell Forum
12:00Small Cell Forum
12:30Parallel Wireless Kevin Kleinsmith, Solutions Architect: Rural 5G Small Cells: Connecting the Unconnected Today and Tomorrow
13:00Small Cell Forum Ray Williamson: Small Cells Ownership Models
13:30American Tower Piyush Raj
14:00Huawei Nansen Ding, Small Cell COO: Service Anchor: A leading Small Cell MEC engineering
14:30Radisys Neeraj Patel: Looking under the hood of various RAN Access Deployment Technologies – 4G, LTE-A and 5G
15:00ND SatCom Robert Novak Satellite Backhaul – The Other Side of the Coin
15:30iBwave Benoit Fleury VP, Product Line Management
16:00Panel: Lighting the path to 5G, featuring Huawei and Ericsson. Register your place here »
12:00Small Cell Forum
12:30AT&T Gordon Mansfield, Vice President – RAN & Device Design
13:00Ericsson Joakim Hanusek, Strategic Product Manager, Network Infrastructure: Outdoor Small Cells – Delivering Seamless Connectivity Through Innovative Street Solutions
13:30Small Cell Forum Julius Robson, Release Steering Group Coordinator: Deployment stories
14:00ThinkSmallCell David Chambers, Founder and Senior Analyst: Small Cell State of the Nation
14:30Copper Horse David Rogers, Founder & CEO: Security Briefing: Looking at what challenges and opportunities lie ahead
15:00ND SatCom Robert Novak Satellite Backhaul – The Other Side of the Coin
15:3020:20 Wireless Berge Ayvazian, Senior Industry Analyst

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