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SCF 2017 Plugfest  

Taiwan, 5 – 9 June 2017

The 2017 SCF Plugfest will focus on the red-hot topic of private EPC (Evolved Packet Core). The event will be held in Taiwan at the ITRI labs on June 5-9, and like all the Forum’s Plugfests, it will make a significant contribution to achieving scalable, interoperable platforms and accelerating deployment. Members of Small Cell Forum and ETSI are invited to register and take part.

Deregulated spectrum (which operates through small private EPCs in Enterprises) opens the possibility of new wide-spread services. At this event, Private EPC and small cell vendors will conduct a series of GSMA and Small Cell Forum specified tests on the S1 interface, S6a and the S8 interface between private and carrier network EPCs, including VoLTE roaming. 

Register for your place today. Deadline for registration is 5 May 2017.

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5G Workshop

As part of the event, SCF & ITRI will be hosting a 5G Workshop, following on from similar events in Europe and North America. Open to members and non members alike, the day will be packed with updates from industry pioneers as we seek to forge a practical and profitable path to 5G. The Workshop will also introduce SCF 5G work streams and give local carriers the opportunity to spell out requirements.

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Private EPCs are an increasingly important part of the mobile toolkit. They enable a localized, self-contained network to be set up, perhaps to serve a remote location such as an oil rig; to support a temporary system for an event or emergency; or to provide optimized capabilities for a specialized use case such as critical infrastructure monitoring.

These EPCs typically work alongside small cells to provide local, high quality services. Their potential to enhance the mobile business case is highest if the whole system is fully interoperable, integrating with other private networks and the main mobile core.

The SCF Plugfest, which will take place at the ITRI labs in Taiwan, will help make that happen, bringing the optimized performance and the revenue potential of the private EPC within the reach of many industries, both now and for future 5G use cases.

Small Cell Forum encourages participants to demonstrate their ETSI MEC PoC projects (see http://mecwiki.etsi.org) in the context of the SCF Plugfest, where vendors will attend the Plugfest with their equipment such as UEs, Small Cells, eNBs and private EPCs.

ETSI MEC POC projects or potential new ETSI MEC PoC projects could use this opportunity to run their demos with various different vendor equipment setups, i.e. run a POC demo with various Small Cells and/or various EPCs. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate that the PoCs work in a multi-vendor environment. 

Register your participation today, and we look forward to seeing you in Taiwan.

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