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Types of membership

Small Cell Forum membership is open to any legally established corporation, individual firm, partnership, governmental body or international organisation supporting the promotion and worldwide deployment of small cell technologies. There are three levels of membership - Full, Board and Observer.

Annual membership subscription (2013/14):

  • Full membership – £ 7,765 (+VAT)
  • Board membership – £15,530 (+VAT)
  • Observer membership – complimentary for the first year.

Important note: Observer membership is only open to mobile telecom operators: mobile telecom operators (who hold spectrum licence) can participate in the Forum either as Full or Board members or as Observers. After the first year of membership, Observer members are encouraged to become Full Members.

As Observers, operators will be able to take part in the activities of Forum working groups and attend meetings, but do not have voting rights.

Download a PDF of our membership brochure

SCF membership brochure

How to apply

Organisations wishing to join the Small Cell Forum are required to complete and sign the Application Form which is available as a PDF download. The form must then be faxed to +44 1453 549 254 or posted to Small Cell Forum, PO Box 23, GL11 5WA, UK.

On doing this organisations are deemed to have agreed to the Forum's Articles of Association and the IPR & Confidentiality and Anti-Trust & Competition Law policies.

Companies will then receive an invoice for the fee as applicable. Annual memberships run from 28 September 2013 to 30 September 2014. Companies joining part way through the year pay a pro rata fee.

Application Form
Small Cell Forum Articles of Association
Small Cell Forum IPR & Confidentiality policy
Small Cell Forum Anti-Trust & Competition Law policy