Future-proofing networks

SCF members unite innovative technology & business models with global best practice regulation to drive future-proof service delivery.

Our mission is to accelerate the sustainable digital transformation of industry, enterprises and communities. We do this by supporting progressive regulation and a range of agile, cost-effective and scalable technologies for an evolving service provider ecosystem.

SCF’s 2024 work program

Neutral host value proposition

Progressive regulation requires policymakers to understand socio-economic benefits of multi-operator infrastructure for implementation.

Digital transformation for municipalities

Analysis of socio economic benefits of effective comms infrastructure and working with local authorities for frictionless deployment.

Towards a global regulatory framework

Our members establish global best practice guidelines to reduce local deployment delays, fostering seamless network rollouts with authorities.

5G FAPI standard

Evolving and maintaining SCF’s 5G FAPI specs suite for cost-effective, high-performance components in mobile base stations.

5G mmWave reference design

Developing FR2 MVP addressing mmWave challenges and viable RAN splits for efficient mobile networks.

Quantitative assessment of Open RAN split architectures

Creating tools aligning disaggregated architectures with real-world use cases for enhanced performance analysis.

Management solutions for split-6

Crucial development of management solutions for efficient orchestration in split 6 disaggregated mobile networks.

MOCN/MORAN/JOTS sharing options

SCF leads Phase 1 work towards a global sharing framework, reducing market fragmentation in mobile networks.

Towards sustainable cellular infrastructure

Addressing sustainable mobile infrastructure, focusing on technical solutions for holistic energy consumption from edge to core.

What our members say

“Participation in SCF has facilitated our deeper engagement in the technical and regulatory aspects of small cell development. Additionally, we have identified collaboration opportunities with small cell industrial partners.”

Dr. Khalid Al Mashouq, Chief Technology Officer, ACES

“The Small Cell Forum tackles current telecom industry issues and developments. Whether it is advocating on behalf of infrastructure providers and suppliers, promoting suppliers, educating the public, developing specifications, or addressing gaps, the SCF works thoughtfully and timely to reduce complexity and communication costs. It aims to assist small cell, tower, infrastructure, and service providers worldwide to achieve greater success by sharing ideas, contexts, and best practices.”

George Aguilera, Systems Architecture, Crown Castle