5G Era IoT Use Cases

5G-era IoT use cases and enterprise small cell networks

The latest release from Small Cell Forum is ‘5G era IoT use cases and enterprise small cells’. This addresses the commercial and technical realities of deploying dense indoor networks which will be essential to support vertical industries’ varied 5G requirements.

Many of these requirements revolve around enabling new services in the Internet of Things, which in turn will drive new revenues for service providers, whether they are mobile operators, neutral hosts or enterprise specialists.

This completes a trilogy of releases focused on the three cornerstones of the 5G business model – the others being enhanced mobile broadband (‘mmw 5G-eMBB use cases and small cell based hyperdense networks’ – SCF 196) and ultra-reliable low latency communications (‘URLLC and slicing in 5G small cell networks’ – SCF 199).

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mmw 5G-eMBB use cases and small cell based HyperDense networks

This report explores the use of spectrum in the range 6 to 300 GHz for outdoor and indoor high-density enhanced mobile broadband solutions. This spectrum is called millimeter wave (mmWave) in this paper.

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URLLC and network slicing in 5G enterprise small cell networks

The document describes how small cell networks can be used to meet the requirements of 5G-URLLC and network slicing use cases. At the same time, 5G- URLLC use cases drive the enhancements needed for today’s small cell networks.

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SCF Activities in enabling 5G-Era

Listen to Prabhakar Chitrapu, PhD, of AT&T, Converged Access & Device Technologies and Chair, TECH & 5G Working Group, SCF, discuss the SCF activities in enabling the 5G-Era.

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