Use cases

Residential small cells

The technical and commercial aspects of residential small cells or femtocells were described in Small Cell Forum Release One (SCF101). Here we defined them as ‘Small cells intended for home or small office applications. These applications are based typically indoors and involve locations where a single small cell is usually sufficient.’

Enterprise small cells

Enterprise small cells were the focus of our Release Two outputs (SCF102). Here we described enterprise small cell deployment as:

  • generally indoor, premises-based deployment beyond home office;
  • many first movers will have large geographic areas and high numbers of users;
  • primarily coverage driven, with a need for high reliability;
  • capacity will often be important;
  • may involve multiple parties (for service, site, facilities).

Urban small cells

Urban small cells were covered in Releases Three and Four (SCF104). They are defined as:

  • licensed small cells, deployed by operators in areas of high demand density on an open-access basis to all the customers of the operator; they can be deployed outdoors on street furniture; or
  • indoor public locations such as transport hubs and retail malls.

Rural & remote small cells

Release Five shows how small cell technologies enable operators to address a range of high value market segments with rural and remote characteristics:

  • Rural Community: Coverage for underserved community beyond range of normal service
  • Remote Industrial: Coverage for workers at a site hard to reach from existing infrastructure
  • Public Safety: Coverage for emergency services & first responders.
  • Disaster Recovery / Humanitarian: Rapid reinstatement of coverage after extensive damage to mobile infrastructure, and support for ongoing humanitarian efforts.
  • Special Events: Services for temporary planned gatherings
  • Military: Service for military personnel
  • Transportation: Services for passengers and operational needs on all classes of shipping, aircraft and trains

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