About Us

SCF members are committed to driving network densification worldwide.

SCF is accelerating small cell deployments, removing commercial & technical barriers, working with regulators and municipalities, partnering enterprise, forging new business cases.

How we work

We gather requirements globally from service providers and enterprises.
Directed by our Board, these inputs shape our work program

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  • SCF’s technology group compares requirements for scale densification with available and emerging standards to identify gaps and recommend architectures for specific use cases.

  • Lobbying at all levels of government for simplified and harmonised approvals processes for deploying small cells.

  • Enterprise is a fast growing market for cellular connectivity, and SCF is engaging to establish the value proposition and new commercial models for ownership and operation.


SCF’s 10-year vision identifies the growing importance of industry association collaboration to accelerate the wide-scale culture shifts needed for 5G Era technology adoption. These are some of the organisations we are working with.


Want to present this to your key stakeholders? Download our slide deck here.

How to join

Small Cell Forum membership is open to any legally established corporation, individual firm, partnership, governmental body or international organization supporting the promotion and worldwide deployment of small cell technologies.

Membership may also be available to some academic institutions. Contact us for more details Prices shown above are the annual membership subscription (2019/20) and are subject to VAT.

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