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SCF members are committed to driving network densification worldwide.

SCF is accelerating small cell deployments, removing commercial & technical barriers, working with regulators and municipalities, partnering enterprise, forging new business cases.

How we work

We gather requirements globally from service providers and enterprises.
Directed by our Board, these inputs shape our work items:

  • 5G-nFAPI (Option 6) Specification

    Referred to as “Split Option-6” in the 3GPP Split RAN Architecture terminology, extends the above interfaces for a networked operation. This work is being done in collaboration with O-RAN & OAI.

    Split Option 2-6-7 Comparison

    3GPP, SCF & ORAN are developing specifications for dis-aggregated small cell architectures based on Split Options 2-6-7. However, the market is not yet clear on the suitability of different split options for different deployment scenarios. This WI intends to shed light and clarity on this topic, from technical and business considerations.

    Work items

    [225] 5G nFAPI API
    [226] Split Option 2,6,7 comparison
    [239] NETCONF/YANG for Option-6 SCs


  • SON & Orchestration Roadmap for the 5G-Era

    Documents the current trends and identifies gaps and enhancements needed by the industry.

    Precision Planning for the 5G-Era

    Application of AI/ML in Planning of Small Cell siting (Joint with 5GAmericas);

    SC Management for the 5G-Era

    NETCONF/YANG Management of Split Option-6 (5G-nFAPI) SCNs (with O-RAN); SC Management for the 5G-NR Small Cells

    Work items

    SCF230 Precision planning with AI/ML
    [241] Machine Learning applications in 5G Small cells
    [233] Small Cell SON and Orchestration from 4G to 5G
    [240] Small Cell management for 5G Era


  • Options for Indoor Cellular Networks

    Addressing barriers to growth including helping MNOs understand their options of partnering with infrastructure deployers as well as raising market awareness of the different commercial and technical options for indoor cellular.

    Work items

    [231] Options for Indoor Cellular


  • Private LTE/5G Small Cell Networks

    Private LTE/5G networks are attracting much attention, due to their need for Enterprise, Industry and Smart City applications. Such networks may be strictly for private users or for a mix of private and public (i.e. MNO) users.

    This WI focusses on the business case and technical considerations of building, deploying and operating such networks. Particular focus is given to the spectrum aspects, including licensed, unlicensed (MulteFire) and shared (CBRS) spectrums. The white paper will address these challenges and opportunities in a global context, covering various regions of the world.

    Work items

    SCF235 Private LTE/5G & Small Cells


  • WI: Edge Computing & Small Cells

    Clarifying the lead commercial use cases & monetization for Edge compute for both MNO and private networks, and addressing gaps in standards for Edge computing based on 3GPP-CUPS architectures & Multi-Access Edge Computing.

    Work items

    SCF 234 Edge Computing and Small Cell Networks


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