• Accelerating small cell adoption worldwide

Small Cell Forum Board priorities 2016/17

Deploying Hyperdense Networks

  • Interoperability – ensuring that enabling technologies, such as NFV, management and orchestration, and automation are fit for 5G purpose and fully interoperable.
  • Backhaul – delivering affordable gigabit backhaul to meet next generation capacity requirements everywhere.
  • Site acquisition– defining an efficient repeatable process for acquiring sites in order to remove one of the biggest barriers to urban densification.
  • SON – identifying how self-optimizing network technology can simplify the deployment and management process.
  • Internet of Things – identifying the market drivers for small cells to deliver IoT services, especially indoors.
  • Unlicensed spectrum – integrating many spectrum bands and licensing schemes within a single network to maximize flexible capacity, including coexistence, policy management, traffic shaping and authentication issues.

Enabling Digitized Enterprise

  • Education of verticals – Via Enterprise Taskforce marketing group will develop an education program geared to specific vertical segments with a particularly urgent need for small cells.
  • Internet of Things – defining the most promising commercial use cases for enterprise and vertical IoT services that rely on small cells, and ensuring the key technical elements are in place.
  • Mobile Edge Computing – developing common frameworks based on ETSI MEC for delivering content close to the user, personalizing services and analyzing data locally, in order to add value to the enterprise small cell case.
  • Multi-operator – detailing the business case and the enabling technologies for multi-operator and neutral host platforms, with a direct route towards 5G concepts like network slicing.
  • Unlicensed – focusing on the enterprise aspects of deploying small cells in licensed, unlicensed and shared spectrum, including technologies such as LWIP (lightweight IP).
  • Virtualization – definition of the nFAPI interface enabling centralized virtualized small cells
  • Deployment – planning, installation and operation of enterprise in conjunction with their IT services organizations

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