Winners 2018

Excellence in commercial deployment (Residential)

Sprint & Airspan Networks – Sprint LTE Magic Box

Excellence in commercial deployment (Urban)

CCS – City of London small cell backhaul network

Excellence in commercial deployment (Enterprise)

Nokia – Flexi Zone shopping mall and public building deployments

Excellence in Commercial Deployment of Rural, Remote and Temporary Small Cells

Parallel Wireless & Ice Wireless – Connecting the unconnected in Canada

HetNet Software and Services – Management and Automation

Airhop Communications – HetNet Performance Insight with eSON360

Deployment of new architectures enabling the dense HetNet

Huawei – SME small BTS solution with LTE backhaul

Commercial Small Cell Design and Technology (Network & Xhaul)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise & SoftBank – World’s first dedicated PCRF for small cells

Outstanding Innovation in Small Cell Technology or Architecture

Accelleran – Architecture-agnostic small cell RAN-vRAN solutions

Outstanding innovation in small cell business case

Opencell – Multi-operator in-building coverage using small cells

Social impact – Promoting small cells for social/economic/environmental development

Parallel Wireless & Telefonica – Connecting LATAM’s unconnected with Telefonica

Judges’ Choice

ITRI – For deep innovation which is helping to advance the small cell platform

Chair’s Award

Mirela Doicu, Nokia  – For putting regulatory issues center-stage at a critical moment for the industry

Individual Contribution to SCF Activities

Ravi Sinha, Jio – For informing the SCF technical agenda

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