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Introducing SCF234 Edge Computing and Small Cell Networks

Edge Computing and Small Cell Networks describes how the benefits of small cells co-located with edge can be applied to commercial and operational advantage in key industry segments, such as automation and Industry 4.0, worksites, mission critical services, enterprises and public safety.

The document sets out clear recommendations on how to reduce cost and risk, and maximize versatility of the edge platform. In particular, it describes the need to create open, readily deployable platforms by defining interfaces, APIs and reference designs at each level of the platform, from hardware to applications. These open interfaces will enable multivendor systems and competitive ecosystems, while deployment blueprints can greatly reduce cost, risk and time to market.

Our analysis identifies where there are existing interfaces and resources, and where there are gaps. The next step will be for SCF to address those gaps by working on new interfaces, guided by the requirements of its members.

The end result will be a detailed roadmap for rolling out connected edge infrastructure that benefits from the scale and stability of a harmonized approach.

Edge Computing with small cell networks

AT&T’s Dr Prabhakar Chitrapu, the  SCF work item lead, provides an overview of SCF’s new release on edge computing.

Specifically this release looks at the opportunities for combining densification with the edge cloud, and a roadmap to deploy both systems in the most efficient way.

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