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Establish your leadership credentials:

We're looking for compelling case studies of small cell deployments in enterprise vertical markets and those supporting multi-operator capabilities.

We are also seeking a special breed of expert to help us take our ongoing work on densification and virtualization to the next level. Can you help?


Help us promote your success stories

Small Cell Forum is looking for deployment stories that demonstrate innovation and best practice. The aim is to include these real life deployment stories as part of the Enterprise Release at MWC 2016. Your success stories may also feature in one of our many leadership presentations worldwide.

Your case studies should focus on the challenge that led the enterprise to adopt small cells as well as the value created.

Please contact [email protected] by 22 December 2015 to tell us if you can support this project – and of course feel free to contact us anytime to discuss further.

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Help us transform mobile networks

Small Cell Forum is embarking on an ambitious work-plan to virtualize, orchestrate and automate the HetNet. Part of this transition is the revolution in the tools and methodologies for virtualized workload deployment, workflows and operational policies.

Does your firm have the experts in TMForum Zero-Touch Orchestration, Operations and Management (ZOOM), TOSCA NFV profiles and Openflow HEAT orchestration to help lead the definition of the new flexible approaches to HetNet deployment?

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If you understand the ask, then we really need to talk to you.

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Crossing the chasm

Crossing the Chasm: Access the webinar today

Industry experts Joe Madden and Caroline Gabriel recently joined SCF Chair Alan Law to discuss the drivers that have created market maturity for small cells. In this webinar, now available to download, the trio also discuss broadening small cell architectures and emerging use cases which are informing the Small Cell Forum's ambitious new work program.

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