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Small Cell Forum News Round-Up November 2015

Small Cells Americas in Dallas kicked off a busy month for the small cells industry, with a series of announcements that illustrate an industry poised for scale in residential, enterprise and urban deployments. Small Cell Forum also published its latest report, Crossing the Chasm, which reflected the same trend, for small cells to be deployed in increasingly large numbers.

Later in the month, two US operators – Cox Communications and T-Mobile USA – announced plans to expand small cell networks for important business models; while in Los Angeles, the city is deploying a new kind of 'smart lamp post' integrating an Ericsson small cell with a smart lighting unit from Philips. TMO’s roll-out of free residential small cells, is a win for Alcatel-Lucent, which also started shipment of its Multimode 3G/4G/VoLTE cells, co-developed with Qualcomm.

Of course, the biggest news in the wireless industry this month has been the extensive alliance between Ericsson and Cisco. The implications for the small cell sector remain to be seen, but both companies are active in the space, and between them will be able to offer a broad portfolio of approaches.


News Round-up

Small Cells Americas 2015 Event Report

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Cox Business Takes Big Run at Small Cells

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Los Angeles Deploying Light Poles Fitted With Small Cells

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T-Mobile Offers Free LTE Mini Tower to Bolster Cell Coverage Indoors

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Alcatel-Lucent Starts Deployment of Residential Small Cell Devices

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Vodafone Conducts First 5GHz Aggregation Trial

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Cisco CEO Robbins: Will Evaluate with Ericsson Small Cell, Enterprise Opportunities

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Ericsson-Cisco Partnership – What Does it Mean for Enterprise Small Cells?

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Asia-Pacific to dominate small cells market

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Crossing the Chasm

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Crossing the Chasm: Driving adoption of small cells

Monday 7 December | Time: 9am and 5pm GMT

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In this webinar, Small Cell Forum Chair Alan Law will join two key contributors of the Small Cell Forum’s latest report Crossing the Chasm to discuss the maturing market and predictions or more rapid expansion in 2015.

Joe Madden of Mobile Experts and Caroline Gabriel of Rethink Technology Research will present their research findings, which form the basis of the Crossing the Chasm report. They will also discuss broadening small cell architectures and emerging use cases, which are informing the ambitious new work program on which Small Cell Forum has recently embarked.

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