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Small Cell Forum plots a path to 5G

Small Cell Forum today publishes Release 7, a series of documents to help operators deploy and manage a multi-x network to meet today’s data challenges – and lay practical foundations for 5G.

Release 7 focuses on HetNet and SON (self-optimizing networks), which mobile operators have identified as central capabilities of their next generation networks. Recent research indicates that over 80% of MNOs will deploy non-residential small cells and SON by 2020, as part of a HetNet program, and over 40% will start during 2016.

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Release 7

Technical and commercial best practice

Release 7, like its predecessors, details technical and commercial best practice and results in a unified set of guidelines, interfaces and specifications to give operators confidence that they are rolling out HetNets in an efficient, interoperable and future-proofed way.

It includes foundational elements of an interoperable HetNet, including the NFAPI interface, the SON API, and the Integrated HetNet Architecture Framework, in which SON plays an essential role in enabling large-scale deployment.

On the commercial side, the Release includes a detailed analysis of the current state of the market together with an exclusive survey of mobile operators’ drivers to adopt HetNet and SON. A broad collection of deployment case studies, with a particular focus on SON, helps to disseminate best practice and real world experiences to ease the path for others.

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WEBINAR: Towards 5G – HetNet & SON roadmap

Tuesday 12 July 3pm BST

Join SCF Chair Alan Law and David Orloff of AT&T as they discuss and describe the key elements of a dense HetNet Deployment with SON. This will not be just another look in the mobile crystal ball, but a set of practical steps, based on input from operators and on real world use cases. The speakers will share valuable and unique insights into what mobile providers are saying about the road to 5G – their commercial objectives and their challenges.

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