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Hosted by Crown Castle at their headquarters in Pittsburgh, this member-only plenary will take place over Wednesday 4 – Thursday 5 December 2019.

Sessions will revolve around the seven key topics listed below:

  • 5G Small Cell & mmWave
  • 5G FAPI & Split Options 6
  • Management and Automation
  • Edge Computing
  • Private Networks
  • Neutral Hosting
  • 5G policy & Health Concerns


1a Opening Session  

  • Crown Castle hosts welcome: “Our perspective on the Small cell industry and requests for SCF to address”
  • Prabhakar Chitrapu, AT&T, Chairman’s welcome
  • Richard Kennedy, COO SCF, “Intelligence gained from traction with our recent outputs on 5G FAPI, SCWS and Precision planning with AI/ML
  • Julius Robson, CSO SCF, Workplan status and objectives for this plenary
  • Session overviews from Work Item Leads

1b Orchestration, Automation and AI/ML

Part 1: Automation promotion Campaign 45mins: Richard Kennedy, SCF, CSO

  • Analysis of feedback from [SCF230] precision planning campaign to inform a follow-up WI.  
  • Outline campaign for [233] Road-mapping SON & orchestration for 5G Era as well as the new management/automation works
  • Strawman promotion campaign and content
  • Discussion: Which aspects of automation/AI should SCF be looking at next? Who are the audience and what sort of messages should SCF be looking to develop in future Work Items? Which members is this most relevant to?

Part 2: [240] Small Cell management for the 5G Era (Balaji Raghothaman, Commscope)

  • Member company presentations and views on the scope of this ongoing work item
  • How well does this topic match requirements for ongoing work identified in the market analysis in part 1.

1c 5G Small Cell Components, Products, Architectures

[238] Reference 5G Product Configurations, (Vicky Messer, Picocom)

  • Proposals for baseline configurations and reference architectures for 5G Small cell products to inform volume component specifications and engineering/operational planning around transport provisioning, capacity planning etc.
  • +Further breakout discussions, time TBC

5G FAPI Update, incorporating [224] 5G FAPI P19 RF Frontend API (Samel, Qualcomm)

  • Remaining issues to address on P19 RF Frontend API
  • Publishing P19 alongside P5 and P7: Timing/messages/audience?
  • Proposal to define P4 API
  • [SCF222] 5G FAPI P5,P7 (Clare, Intel)

1d 5G nFAPI and Split Option 6

[226] Split Option 6, 7 comparison (Ravi Sinha, Jio)

  • Presentation of updated comparison of split options 6 and 7
  • Discussion around mapping split options to scenarios. Should we include split option 2?

[225] 5G nFAPI (Ganesh, Radisys)

  • Progress update on specification work and current issues to address.

[239] NETCONF/YANG for 5G Option-6 RU (Balaji Raghothaman, Commscope)

  • Linking development of the management model to the broader nFAPI work, understanding implications of transport on management model.



As a hosted event, numbers are limited for the plenary and pre-registration is essential.  Registration will close on 29 November, or earlier if the quota is met. The SCF Full/Board Members delegate package rate for the 2-day plenary is £330.00 + VAT.


The Hilton Garden Inn is within walking distance of the Crown Castle offices. Book a room.

Hotel address: Hilton Garden Inn, Southpointe, 1000 Corporate Drive, Canonsburg, PA 1531

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