Densification and the Path to 5G

Densification and the Path to 5G

Beijing, China

Wednesday 16 May 2018

With most operators making critical decisions about their 4G and 5G investments, small cells are at the heart of many strategies. This is a huge near-term opportunity for the ecosystem, but also raises the bar in terms of the work that needs to be done. We must define the processes, standards and use cases to transform mobile economics through densification, but this can only be achieved through partnerships.

If better understanding and helping to inform the role of small cells on the path to 5G matters to your business, this will be an essential event. You will hear detailed updates, discussions and experiences from key Forum members from around the world. The meeting will also seek to understand the very specific requirements of Chinese operators and service providers, and how this understanding can inform and evolve SCF priorities and work programs.


The Market

09:00-09:30         SCF Welcome & Market update

09:30-10:00         Small cell success stories

10:00-10:30         Drivers for small cells – coverage, capacity/offload, cost

10:30-11:00          Refreshment break 

Commercial opportunities today

11:00-11:30        Massive deployments 3G and 4G

11:30-12:00        Challenges & Opportunities in the Transition from 4G to 5G

12:00-12:30         Bringing efficiencies to network Densification

12:30-13:30         Lunch break 

13:30-14:00        The Optimization Strategy of Future Network Characterized by “Ultra High Speed Data”  

Small cells – foundation of 5G

14:00-14:30        5G indoor coverage digitalization starts now

14:30-15:00         Use Case in the Transition from 4G to 5G for small cells : Miniaturization Test System Case Study in China Mobile – next big opportunity for vendors

15:00-15:30:        4G to 5G evolution

15:30-16:00        Refreshment break 

16:00-16:30         LTE innovation as a pathway to 5G

16:30-17:00         Open discussion

17:00-17:15         Closing remarks

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