Aya Mukaikubo

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Aya-MukaikuboAya Mukaikubo, Deputy Manager

Aya Mukaikubo is Deputy Manager of Solution Advancing Office at SoftBank Mobile Corp, and she has been actively involved in Small Cell Forum since 2008 supporting her boss Yoshihito Shimazaki who represents SoftBank on Executive Board and Vice Chair for Asia for the Small Cell Forum. Her main responsibility is product management of CPE, such as DSL modems, Broadband routers, and Wi-Fi routers at SoftBank BB Corp. She has been closely working with partner companies in Asia. Aya also has an experience with managing network operation of Yahoo!BBaccess lines.

Prior to joining SoftBank group in 2002, she was involved with several start-up services of Internet Service Providers (ISP) for 7 years.

Aya holds Master of Technology in Innovation for Design and Engineering from Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT) and also did undergraduate study in Department of Geoscience at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP).

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Aya Mukaikubo, Deputy Manager
Monday 12:00




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