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In today’s competitive environment, there are far better ways of doing business than relying on the past. More efficient ways. Smarter ways. By building on the Cisco Universal Small Cell architecture, the most innovative companies – and, not surprisingly, the most successful ones – are doing things they never could before. These are the companies that see the network for exactly what it is: a means to building things that make them more valuable to their customers, more competitive, more secure and better able to affect their business in a positive way. And isn’t that what business is really all about?

Cisco is the mobile market leader in delivering licensed and unlicensed small cell solutions to businesses, helping operators benefit from the unprecedented explosion in mobile data traffic. The Cisco Universal Small Cell Solution applies architectural innovation to mobile networking, transforming small cells into a platform for service innovation. The Cisco Universal Small Cell Solution is innovative, easy to deploy, and proven in mobile networks across the world.

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Virtual small cells set the stage for 5G

Mark Grayson, Distinguished Consulting Engineer
Tuesday 13:50

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Mark GraysonMark Grayson, Distinguished Consulting Engineer

Mark Grayson is a Distinguished Consulting Engineer at Cisco with responsibility for leading Cisco’s mobile architecture strategy. He has over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry, ranging from the development of military systems, the definition of satellite communication architectures, the evolution of traditional cellular systems through to the creation of the latest small cell solutions.

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