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VT iDirect is a market leader in IP-based satellite communications providing technology, hardware, software and services that enable VSAT connectivity around the globe. iDirect offers a unique and flexible architecture engineered to handle a wide range of applications including cellular backhaul over satellite.

Mobile operators count on satellite networks powered by the iDirect SatHaul™ solution to backhaul voice and data traffic for 2G, 3G and 4G. iDirect delivers optimized satellite solutions that easily integrate with the latest macrocell and small cell technology from leading cellular infrastructure manufacturers. iDirect SatHaul is an easily deployable, low cost solution for connecting remote and rural sites or specialized applications.



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LTE and Satellite – Solution for Rural and Public Safety Networking

Richard Deasington, iDirect
Monday 15:00

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Richard DeasingtonRichard Deasington, Director, Business Development

Richard has over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, holding senior level positions in R&D and Engineering working closely on voice, data and transmission network systems. In his current role Richard is responsible for iDirect’s Business Development efforts in mobile backhaul over satellite.

Prior to joining iDirect, Richard was Managing Consultant at PA Consulting Group and later Questus Ltd where he focused on mobile systems: GSM and 3G systems in particular. He has been involved in a large range of mobile related activities from architecting the world’s first shared 3G network to leading the design of a range of network planning tools. Richard has written several well-known books and published many articles on subjects ranging from 3G power amplifier efficiency to network sharing and push-to-talk.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Computer Science with Biology from the University of London.

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