Small Cell Forum Dallas Plenary 2015

Small Cell Forum Dallas Plenary

4-5 November 2015, Dallas

It was a busy week for us all at the Dallas Plenary 4-5 November, with the Small Cells Champions Workshop, the Small Cells Americas Conference and two days of working group meetings. Having officially kicked-off their work items in Rome by setting out the broad objectives, the Champions’ challenge going into Dallas was to reach agreement with working group chairs on a set of deliverables for upcoming releases in 2016. Never before has the Forum seen so much engagement across so many different topics.

SCF Members can download the Plenary Report here »

Small Cells Champions Workshop

Our Small Cells Champions Workshop, an abridged version of our Rome Champions event, was delivered to an animated audience in a packed room. The first half comprised of case study presentations from industry pioneers including AT&T, SoftBank, Nokia, SpiderCloud, Parallel Wireless and Airvana. This was followed by an update from our ‘Champions’ on our six main work items: Licence-Exempt Spectrum, Virtualization, Het & SON, Multi-Operator, Enterprise and M2M, IoT & 5G.

Access the presentations here

Crossing the Chasm Report

A key highlight of the Dallas event was the launch of our Crossing the Chasm report which details an industry which has already reached some 12 million small cells deployed, which is continuing to experience double digit growth in the SOHO and residential market, and is also facing an explosion of deployment in the Enterprise space. The report has generated a great deal of positive media attention and contains detailed figures from three separate analysts.

Download Crossing the Chasm: Small Cells Industry 2015

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