Rural and Remote Summit – Wyoming USA

SCF Rural & Remote Summit

25-26 July 2018

Evanston, Wyoming

The rural opportunity is changing. Are you prepared?

The burning questions about rural connectivity today…

How has rural connectivity changed in recent years? Are 3G and LTE really making a difference in rural areas? What roadblocks and challenges remain? How are small cells supporting cost-effective connectivity?

…and rural connectivity tomorrow…

How will the coming 5G era change small cells and rural networks? Can small cells enable new, monetisable, rural-specific use cases to be developed? How will small cell & rural networks serve massive-IOT & Smart Agriculture, eHealth, eGovernance etc?

What can we learn from the experience of existing rural service providers? What could we learn from new players with new approaches to rural markets?

Get the answers – now!

The 2018 Small Cell Forum Rural & 5G-Era Summit or, more precisely, Small Cell Networks: Changing the Rural Landscape for the 5G-Era – will address all of these questions and many more. It takes place from 25-26 July in Evanston, Wyoming, at the city’s historic Roundhouse.

Small Cell Networks: Changing the Rural Landscape will bring together representatives from the operator, vendor, technology developer and industry forum communities – both established players and new entrants – of a fast-changing ecosystem. It will assess developments since Release 7.0 first addressed the commercial deployment of small cells in rural and remote contexts – the progress and innovation, the outstanding roadblocks and challenges. It will also look forward to the coming 5G era and the emerging opportunities for rural network service providers, vendors, innovators and end users as new technologies and business models unite with small cells to inspire exciting new thinking about rural connectivity.

A chance to learn, partner and profit

You’ll hear about how collaborations are changing the way rural connectivity is being addressed. You’ll meet new players who see new opportunities in 5G-era rural connectivity. You’ll learn about the potential for smart agriculture, e-health, e-government and more. And you’ll find out how 5G and small cells can enable a whole new rural landscape: one where affordable coverage and capacity come with new, truly monetisable services.

The rural landscape is changing. Find out why and how – and be part of that change – at Small Cell Networks: Changing the Rural Landscape  – the 2018 Small Cell Forum Rural Summit.

Draft Agenda:

Day one – Rural SCN (3G/LTE) Opportunities & challenges

  • Market status and commercial models
  • Technical developments – Architectures/Private-LTE, Spectrum/CBRS, Backhaul/Satellite-Fiber-In-Band
  • Deployment & operational challenges – Sparse density, large areas
  • Regulatory landscape

Day-2 – Rural SCNs: 5G use cases

  • Smart Agriculture
  • Rural Health
  • e-Governance
  • iIOT

Case studies & success stories: Union Wireless, Jio (BharatNet), AT&T, Facebook,

Next steps & work items: Technical, Business case, Regulatory, Partnerships




The Evanston Roundhouse
1200 Main Street
Evanston, WY 82930-3396

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