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Berge AyvazianBerge Ayvazian, Industry Analyst and Consultant, Wireless 20/20

Berge Ayvazian joined Wireless 20/20 as a Senior Analyst in 2009, following more than 20 years as a senior telecom industry analyst and strategy consultant with UBM, Heavy Reading and Yankee Group. Ayvazian is now conducting 4G Network and Mobile Internet research on the convergence of broadband and mobility and the evolving business strategies of mobile service providers and their technology vendors. At Wireless 20/20, he leads an integrated 4G/LTE practice to help mobile operators, MVNOs and their vendors to develop their 4G technology roadmaps and build a complete mobile Internet business case leveraging the Wireless 20/20 WiROI™ 4G Business Case Analysis Tools. He has used these tools to develop operator 4G network business cases, and address the most challenging modeling problems associated with Wi-Fi Offload, Small Cell deployments and 4G networks to serve outdoor and indoor venues such as stadiums, airports and train stations.

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Multi-Carrier Small Cell Solutions for In-Building Wireless

Wednesday 15:30 Berge Ayvazian, Industry Analyst and Consultant

This presentation will highlight the market trends and technologies which are enabling the evolution of small cells to support multiple carriers in mid-sized commercial buildings, hotels, retail stores, colleges and hospitals. It will also assess the cost advantages of neutral host access and cost-effective RAN sharing to allow these underserved Middleprise customers to ‘take control of control of their own destiny’ in delivering high quality mobile voice and broadband service into their premises.



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