Best practice regulatory

Globally, service providers face common challenges – intense competition, fragmented approvals and spectrum allocation policies and regulatory frameworks developed for a very different era.

From diverse deployment permissions processes and timelines to varying spectrum allocation policies, this fragmentation has significant implications: slowing down and pushing up the cost of deployments, making investment more challenging to secure, and global interoperability much more difficult to achieve.

At SCF we understand the challenges and are developing baseline regulatory frameworks based on global best practice and working with policymakers to encourage their adoption.

SCF’s 2024 regulatory program

Neutral host value proposition

Progressive regulation is only put in place when policy makers understand the socio-economic benefits of multi-operator infrastructure.

Digital transformation for municipalities

Local deployment delays increase costs and frustrate local businesses, municipalities and communities. Our members are creating best practice guidelines to reduce holdups and we’re working with local authorities to ensure frictionless network roll out.

Towards a global regulatory framework

The lack of unified global regulation for mobile network infrastructure impedes swift deployments, raises costs, and hinders national digital transformation efforts, limiting the progress demanded by governments and communities.

Towards sustainable cellular infrastructure

We’re working on technical, architectural and deployment solutions that can deliver a holistic approach to sustainable mobile infrastructure that considers energy consumption from edge to core.

Members help define and shape our work items