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With over three decades of experience, ND SatCom is the premier supplier of and integrator for innovative satellite communication equipment systems and solutions to support customers with critical operations anywhere in the world. Customers in more than 130 countries have chosen ND SatCom as a trusted and reliable source of high-quality and secure turnkey and custom system-engineered communication solutions. The company’s products and solutions are used in more than 200 transnational networks in government, military, telecom and broadcast environments.

ND SatCom’s flagship product, the SKYWAN platform, enables international users to communicate securely, effectively and quickly over satellite.


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Satellite Backhaul – The Other Side of the Coin

Tuesday 15:00 and Wednesday 15:00

In this presentation, the author looks into paradigms present in satellite backhauling of today and tries to dissect them. Already balancing on the edge of financial viability, most satellite backhauling solutions are inefficient not because of real technical or financial limitations, but because of the decades old paradigms from satellite communications that they clumsily try to adapt for backhauling.

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Robert Novak

Robert Novak has been involved in cellular backhauling since 2000., when he joined the operation and maintenance team for transmission networks of Mobilkom Austria Group. He then proceeded to transmission planning for access, distribution and core network in Croatia, as well as for international transmission networks for Telekom Austria Group. Later he accepted the role of Network Product Manager for Huawei Technologies where he focused on transmission networks and backhauling of GSM, UMTS and LTE networks. He managed nation-wide transmission network and backhauling projects, working for both operator and vendor. He presented case studies at various telecom conferences around Europe and conducted a number of Network Solutions workshops for key customers.

Robert is experienced with most technologies used for backhauling to date: PDH, SDH, ATM, Microwave, CWDM, DWDM, Ethernet, IP, MPLS, and Pseudo wires.

Since April 2015 his main focus is cellular backhauling over satellite for ND SatCom.

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