5G mmWave reference design

Why this work matters

In the context of 5G mmWave small cells, the establishment of baseline specifications for a Frequency Range 2 (FR2) minimum viable product (MVP) is crucial. This process involves defining standardized parameters for the mmWave frequency band to ensure optimal performance of the small cells and efficient data transfer across the network.


Despite its advantages, the mmWave spectrum comes with challenges, such as signal disruptions in dense urban environments. Baseline specifications address these issues by specifying communication protocols, essentially providing a technical framework for data transmission. Additionally, considering viable RAN splits is essential for optimizing the distribution of processing tasks between the small cell and the central network. This optimization ensures a seamless and reliable 5G mmWave network, meeting the promised high-speed and low-latency requirements. In summary, baseline specifications set technical standards to enhance the performance of 5G mmWave small cells.

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