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Defining and monetizing HetNets

Small Cell Forum has today published the first tranche of documents which will make up Release 7, a comprehensive deployment blueprint for the HetNet.

The documents, published today at SCWS World in London, form the foundations of a full market-defining Release, which will be unveiled in June, addressing the technology, deployment and regulatory issues around HetNets and SON (self-optimizing networks).

At the heart of this foundational release are two key documents:

SCF172 ‘Integrated HetNet Architecture Framework: paving the path for 5G networks’, proposes the whole network architecture and supporting management framework and systems that will be required for HetNets, especially as these become increasingly virtualized. This is an important document that will help to shape key elements of SCF’s work going forward.

SCF170 ‘HetNet market drivers 2016-20’ The importance of HetNets in MNOs’ strategic planning has increased dramatically as carriers come under ever-intensifying business pressures. Two-thirds of Tier 1 and 2 MNOs, surveyed in the first quarter of 2016, say that a HetNet will be ‘critical’ or ‘very important’ to their commercial success between now and 2020, while the figure rises to 72% when brand new revenue models are considered. Drawing on a new operator survey, this paper considers the business cases which are driving HetNet deployments now, and those which will be prominent around 2020, as operators look towards 5G.

Combined, Release 7 will comprise over 20 documents focused on real world issues for operators and vendors deploying HetNets and planning the migration to 5G.

Market Status Report

Latest market stats

As part of its latest Release, Small Cell Forum is delighted is publish the latest headline statistics from its regular Mobile Experts report. Standout figures include cumulative small cell shipments of 14 million and projected annual revenues of $6 billion by 2020.


SCF @ SCWS: 10-12 May 2016, London

Small Cell Forum is attending SCWS World this week, held 10-12 May at the Intercontinental 02 Hotel, London. It’s a busy week with the conference, the Small Cell Forum Awards on Wednesday 11 May and member plenary meetings 11-13 May. Come along and chat to one of the team if you’d like to know more about the Forum.

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