SCF Plenary, Rome: Ancient city, brand new work plan

Ahead of our European plenary, held 13 – 15th September in Rome, CEO Sue Monahan explains why the event is not to be missed.

Our September plenary is arguably THE best one to attend to both learn and influence industry direction and drive the forums’ agenda. Why? Because it’s three solid days of meetings, workshops and networking without the distraction of a co-located conference or trade show. As such, we choose this time to refresh our work plan and make sure it’s delivering value for all of our members and the small cell industry as a whole. If you’re a long standing member, you’ll see we’re rationalizing our work items and structure to reflect the maturity of our industry today. If you’re new to the Forum, it’s the perfect time to get engaged as we re-define our future and lay the foundation of 5G.

Agenda highlights:

  • Kicking off and scoping out our two new work items:

o   Enabling digitized enterprise

o   Deploying hyperdense networks

  • 5G Foundations workshop with Rethink Research
  • Finalizing virtualization deliverables for Release 8 in November 2016 and adding LAA to nFAPI.
  • Security briefing from David Rogers, CEO of Copper Horse, including Enterprise, IoT and 5G considerations.
  • A new ‘Business Principles’ group developing commercial templates for different verticals
  • The return of backhaul as part of our operational group also covering deployment, regs and planning
  • PlugFest results from our June event, including SON, and planning for future events
  • Continuation of License exempt, multi operator/neutral host, MEC and services API by our Technologies group.
  • Our Marketing group will be planning our 2017 events and driving the enterprise go-to-market task force

Although a packed agenda, there will still be plenty of opportunities to catch up with your industry colleagues and customers in this most excellent venue. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there.

Registration to our member only plenary is essential. Book your place here>>