SCF & TIA join forces to address smart building requirements

Members from TIA will be joining our North America plenary in San Jose next month for the launch of TIA’s Smart Buildings Working Group.

This is a joint project which sees SCF and TIA partner to develop definitions, classifications, specifications, standards and other documentation to support best practice for smart building developments, and to further the deployment of small cells within this context.

As the work progresses, further meetings will be held with stakeholders in the commercial smart building sector, including real estate owners, developers, architects, real estate brokers, building managers and operators, as well as those involved in energy, finance and smart communities.

Members of both organizations are invited to contribute. Input from this work will form the basis of a joint paper to be published in early 2018. The meeting will be held 2pm-6pm on Thursday 7 December at DoubleTree Hilton, San Jose CA. SCF Members who are registered for the SCF plenary are automatically entitled to attend. If you are a TIA member please contact Lisa Foster @