5G FAPI specs updated with richer 3GPP feature set

5G FAPI suite continues to evolve to meet industry needs and 3GPP alignment

SCF has updated the 5G FAPI and 5G nFAPI specs, extending the feature sets – including NR positioning and 7.2x FH status awareness. This update demonstrates the ongoing commitment of the ecosystem to continually improve the standard, adding new features and maintaining existing ones.


‘Femtozone’ Set To Take Centre Stage At Mobile World Congress 2011

The Femtozone will feature public presentations, from leading operators, vendors, analysts and other industry bodies. The Femto Forum will also hold a media breakfast briefing on the state of the market and the future challenges facing the industry

London, UK – The Femto Forum, the independent industry and operator association that supports femtocell deployment worldwide, today announced that it will be hosting the Femtozone at Mobile World Congress 2011 (14-17 February 2011). The Femtozone will serve as a one-stop-shop for all visitors interested in learning about the latest developments in the femtocell industry. The event takes place as the femtocell market experiences rapid growth around the world with over twenty operators now offering services.

The Femtozone (in Hall 1, Stand G19) will feature a daily schedule of public presentations from operators, vendors, analysts and other industry bodies on the major opportunities and challenges facing the femtocell market. Other presentations will cover a variety of topics that impact operators, device vendors, component suppliers and femtocell application developers. The Femtozone will also showcase a wide variety of femtocell products.

The Femto Forum will also be holding a media breakfast briefing on the state of the femtocell market at 9am on Tuesday 15th February in the Femtozone.

“With deployments ramping up and numbers of femtocells starting to overtake macrocells in numerous mature markets, the technology is now part of the mainstream. The Femtozone will feature several of the world’s largest operators talking about their femtocell deployments and the lessons learnt. It will also feature the leading vendors who will reveal how the technology is evolving, as well as analysts and industry groups who will provide novel perspectives on the market. If you’re looking to better understand how femtocells are transforming the mobile industry then the Femtozone should be your first port of call,” said Professor Simon Saunders, Chairman of The Femto Forum.

More information on the Femtozone, including the speaking program, is available at www.femtoforum.org/Femtozone2011.

About The Femto Forum
Femtocells are low-power wireless access points that operate in licensed spectrum to connect standard mobile devices to a mobile operator’s network using residential DSL or cable broadband connections. The Femto Forum (www.femtoforum.org) has been set up to promote the wide-scale adoption of femtocells. It has 137 members including 63 operators representing more than 1.71 billion mobile subscribers – 33% of the global total. Comprised of mobile operators, telecoms hardware and software vendors, content providers and innovative start-ups, our mission is to advance the development and adoption of  small cells via femtocells and broader applications of femto technology for the provision of high-quality 2G/3G/4G coverage and services within the residential, enterprise and public access markets.