SCF launches the first release in its 5G private network workstream, a program that aims to optimize the potential of private enterprise networks

Timely new release focuses on private small cell networks and how they can be customized for enterprise networks-as-a-service businesses – for both indoor and outdoor deployments.

SCF (Small Cell Forum), the global organization supporting the evolution and adoption of low-cost, agile mobile infrastructure, today announced the publication of 5G private enterprise network blueprints: a framework.

The new document (SCF 246) provides an overview of technical, business, and regulatory guidelines to help private network implementors deploy and operate small cell networks. It is the first in a new SCF workstream of deliverables to support private network deployers and their customers, an initiative led by member companies including Reliance Jio, Crown Castle, Lockheed Martin, and BT.

New business segments – like retail, CV2X, Industry 4.0, media, and many more – can benefit from flexible 5G private small cell platforms. Private small cell networks will be a major enabler in bringing advanced services to the next-generation mobility platforms – and in some cases, they already are. But how can industry players capitalize on the potential of private enterprise networks?

This is the backdrop to SCF’s 5G private enterprise network workstream. It’s an initiative with a strong focus on small cell networks and how they can be customized for the key enterprise networks-as-a-service businesses – for both indoor and outdoor.

Major drivers of this baseline 5G private enterprise blueprint initiative covered in the document include:

  • Industry requirements
  • The evolution of smart and distributed edge computing
  • Changing business models
  • Addressing latency
  • Edge network functions and computing applications
  • Enterprise customers
  • Flexible IP transport infrastructure
  • The role of small cells

Guidelines for procuring vendor solutions, the implications of licensing regimes, the edge and synchronization are among the many other relevant areas addressed by SCF’s 5G Enterprise private network blueprints: a framework.

This is an important document and the first in a planned series designed to help MNOs, private network operators, neutral hosts, and the supporting ecosystem to build and deploy scalable and sustainable open RAN and small cell-based 5G private enterprise network-as-a-service.

Project lead Ravi Sinha, Product and Technology Development, Jio, said: “This introductory paper brings together blueprints, small cell-based private networks, and business case opportunities that go beyond technical specifications to provide common guidelines based on real-world experiences… and we plan to build on that foundation. We feel it has a valuable role to play in advancing the private network business opportunity for all players – and with the long term very much in mind.”

SCF 246 5G Enterprise private network blueprints: a framework can be downloaded here. To get involved in the workstream, contact [email protected].