Small Cells Champions gather to inspire new thinking

Rome Small Cell Forum Plenary to include Small Cells Champions Day: an open day for leaders and influencers within the industry

London 2015. Leaders and influencers from all parts of the small cell industry are due to gather for a special event that the Small Cell Forum is hosting during its European plenary, 8 – 10 September in Rome, created to consolidate success and inspire new industry thinking.

Attendees will include pioneering operators and vendors – both members and non-members of the Forum, who will gather to discuss the changing shape of the industry and influence the ongoing work program of Small Cell Forum. Speakers already confirmed include senior representatives from Vodafone, China Mobile, AT&T, Huawei, Truphone, Reliance Jio, SpiderCloud, Cisco, ip.access and Airspan.

Sue Monahan, CEO Small Cell Forum says,
“The champions of the small cell industry will be sharing their deployment stories; offering examples of how they are using small cells to enhance performance to attract and retain customers, and outlining recent breakthroughs in small cell technologies, best practice deployment approaches and business models.”

“The Small Cell Champions Day is perfectly timed. It comes at a time when small cells are about to move to a new level of importance and influence in the communications world, a challenge to which the industry must – and, I am certain, can – rise. Champions Day will inspire and encourage new thinking for this new paradigm.”

Small Cells Champions Day is a significant event for a number of reasons. It not only underlines the successes of small cells, but it looks at the challenges that have been overcome, the state of small cell deployment, as well as the issues that need to be addressed now and in the future.

The day will begin with a review of the state of the market featuring presentations around deployment case studies. The afternoon moves on to tackle today’s biggest issues, among them:

  • The promise and challenge of license-exempt spectrum
  • HetNet and SON evolution
  • Small cells and virtualisation
  • Integration with other components of the HetNet, such as Wi-Fi, macro and DAS
  • Multi-operator small cells
  • Evolution and growth of the enterprise market segment
  • 5G: what it will look like and the role small cells will play
  • The role of small cells in M2M and IoT

This event will draw together some of the most influential players in the small cells world, sharing the Small Cell Forum work plan, and taking input and learning about operator requirements and vendor solutions.

About the Small Cell Forum (SCF)
Small Cell Forum works to drive the wide-scale adoption of small cells and accelerate the delivery of integrated HetNets. We are not a standards organization but partner with organizations that inform and determine standards development. We are a carrier-led organization. This means our operator members establish requirements that drive the activities and outputs of our technical groups. Our track record speaks for itself: we have driven the standardization of key elements of small cell technology including Iuh, FAPI, SON, the small cell services API, TR‑069 evolution and the enhancement of the X2 interface. At the time of writing, Small Cell Forum has more than 140 members, including 68 operators representing more than 3 billion mobile subscribers – 46 per cent of the global total – as well as telecoms hardware and software vendors, content providers and innovative start-ups.

For further information please contact:
Elizabeth McMahon
Small Cell Forum
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