Why this work matters

Neutral host service providers bring a transformative approach to the communications infrastructure ecosystem. Their primary focus is on facilitating shared access to their network services. They act as enablers and partners, allowing multiple network operators to deploy their equipment on the same infrastructure. This collaborative approach not only enhances network efficiency and coverage but also significantly reduces the need for redundant infrastructure.


While neutral hosts play a vital role in maximizing the use of existing resources, and reducing costs, their role and value is often not fully understood by policy makers, municipalities, enterprises and even some MNOs. This work aims to clarify the role of neutral hosts, the value the deliver to various stakeholders.

It will also comprise diverse real-world examples that showcase the value neutral hosts bring in a range of contexts.

Neutral hosts value proposition: Functions, advantages and benefits

This latest document clarifies the practical and commercial benefits of the neutral host business model. The paper examines the advantages for various stakeholders, including national governments, mobile operators, commercial property owners, municipalities, and regulators. By fostering collaboration and streamlining infrastructure sharing, neutral hosts contribute to economic growth, technological innovation, and inclusive connectivity, ultimately aligning the interests of governments, businesses, and citizens.

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