Towards baseline global best practice regulatory frameworks

Why this work matters

In parallel with the significant evolution of the service provider ecosystem, international, national, and local regulatory and policy frameworks have faced challenges in keeping pace with these transformative changes. While the expansion of service providers and the diversification of business models have unleashed tremendous potential for enhancing connectivity and addressing the socio-economic ambitions of businesses and communities, there is a growing urgency to overhaul and modernize the existing regulatory landscape.


Scope: The aim of this rolling program of work is a to provide baseline frameworks, templates and process exemplars based on global best practice. The aim is to reduce regulatory fragmentation and to speed and cut the costs of network deployments.

Delivering consistent regulation for an evolved service provider ecosystem

As the demand for improved connectivity and mobile services surges, the need for more agile and adaptive regulatory frameworks becomes increasingly pressing. The traditional regulatory structures were primarily designed for the MNO-centric mobile network model, and they often fall short in addressing the complex needs and dynamics of the modern evolved service provider landscape.

SCF241 identifies 13 regulatory challenges confronting service providers and policy makers, and how such challenges might be addressed. It describes SCF’s regulatory priorities and roadmap going forward with a goal of reducing regulatory fragmentation and leveraging global best practice.

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