5G FAPI specs updated with richer 3GPP feature set

5G FAPI suite with richer 3GPP feature set to underpin supply chain diversification

SCF has updated the suite of 5G FAPI specifications which underpin the high-performance low-cost components integral to 5G mobile base stations, whether small cell or macro. This update demonstrates the ongoing commitment of the ecosystem to continually improve the standard, adding new features and maintaining existing ones.



5G FAPI: P19 RF and digital frontend control API

This P19 interface specification serves as a companion to the 5G FAPI P5/P7 specification. Besides enabling the fast, dynamic control of the FEU, one of the primary goals of P19 is to facilitate network virtualization by allowing stack and FEU solutions from different vendors to bind together easily. The concept applies to both the all-in-one small cell solutions where the upper, the lower layers and the FEU are all colocated, as well as the disaggregated solutions where they may reside at different physical locations.