5G FAPI specs updated with richer 3GPP feature set

5G FAPI suite with richer 3GPP feature set to underpin supply chain diversification

SCF has updated the suite of 5G FAPI specifications which underpin the high-performance low-cost components integral to 5G mobile base stations, whether small cell or macro. This update demonstrates the ongoing commitment of the ecosystem to continually improve the standard, adding new features and maintaining existing ones.

SCWS 2021 on-demand

Every year SCWS provides an excellent opportunity for our industry to come together, to network, to share knowledge and to debate the big topics in our industry. This year it felt more important than ever, not least because of the exceptional year we have all had with the global pandemic and it has been two years since we met at the last SCWS in 2019.

We’re delighted to say that for SCF, the event’s sponsors and delegates alike, SCWS 2021 proved even better than expected. Stellar content, outstanding engagement from members and delegates and important insights that will inform our work going forward. We hope to bring SCWS back to London in 2022, so we can meet and celebrate together in person, but for now please take your time and enjoy any sessions you missed or want to share with colleagues. Each session is presented as it happened and, where the presenter agreed, decks are also available for download.

State of the industry keynotes

● Sue Monahan, CEO, Small Cell Forum, opens the conference and announces SCF Small Cells Awards 2021: Shortlist
Small cell market status – the numbers, drivers and barriers – Caroline Gabriel, Rethink Technology Research
Small Cells 2021, Three tiers of diversification – Julius Robson, Small Cell Forum
Future history of small cells – Peter Claydon, Picocom
Pervasive 5G coverage with small cells– Gerardo Giaretta, Qualcomm Technology

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Policy, regulation and spectrum

Open networks and vendor diversification in the UK – Prof. Simon Saunders, Ofcom
FCC regulation for small cells – Monisha Ghosh, Federal Communications Commission
5G Progress in the Americas: Spectrum, policy and deployments – Chris Pearson, 5G Americas
Driving evolution of the towerco service model in Asia – Gayan Koralage, edotco Group

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US small cell network buildouts

Plans for urban-5G-SCNs and enterprise – David Orloff, AT&T
Small cells, big impact: how small cell technology is revolutionizing 5G in the US – Paul Challoner, Ericsson
CBRS-5G-SCNs as enablers for PNOs & heavy-MVNOs – Dave Wright, OnGo Alliance
Neutral hosts as infrastructure providers in urban-5G-SCN rollouts – Jim Jacobellis, Geoverse
Small cell networks for military and high security applications – Mark Kahn, Lockheed Martin

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Automotive and transportation

Connected Transport testing on the Autoair hyper dense small cell network – Peter Stoker, Millbrook
Connectivity for future mobility and transportation – Maxime Flament, 5G Automotive Association (5GAA)
Ensure C-V2X devices meet performance targets – Bill McKinley, Keysight Technologies
Accelerating the self-driving revolution – Mark Cracknell, Zenzic

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Small cell products and components

The case for optimized silicon in 5G small cells – Vicky Messer, Picocom
Accelerating 5G small cell adoption: The FAPI approach to Open RAN – Ganesh Shenbagaraman, Radisys
● Open RAN: A right solution for Enterprise? – Li Fung Chang, 5G Program Office, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Optimizing 5G small cell performance for maximum spectral efficiency – Prof. Rob Maunder, AccelerComm

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Small cell Open RAN

SCF FAPI 3.0 and network FAPI 2.0 – Andrei Radulescu, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
SCF network FAPI – Ganesh Shenbagaraman, Radisys, Rapporteur
Open RAN with Open6: A business disruption – Ravi Sinha, Reliance Jio
Test solutions for the Open RAN ecosystem – Dr. Balaji Raghothaman, Keysight Technologies
Harmonizing reference designs for small cells – Victor Torres, arQana Technologies

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Open RAN ecosystem

Practical implementation considerations of disaggregated RAN – Richard Mackenzie, Telecom Infra Project (TIP)/BT
Mobile transport unchained – Anthony Magee, ADVA
● Matteo Fiorani, Ericsson: Panelist
● Adrian O’Connor, Benetel Ltd: Panelist

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Emerging technologies

5G-SC & WiFi6 Convergence – Prabhakar Chitrapu, Small Cell Forum
WBA perspective on 5G & WiFi6 Convergence – Bruno Tomas, Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA)
Edge & Cloud computing for small cells – Ravi Sinha, Reliance Jio
Smart cities including cellular-V2X – Ravi Puvvala, Harman
Visions of 6G & small cells – Robert Gazda, InterDigital
● Sanjeet Pandit, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Panelist
● Azad Singh, Reliance Jio, Panelist

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Neutral host in-building coverage

Joint Operators Technical Specification for Neutral Host In-Building (NHIB)– Dave Morris, JOTS and Telefonica O2
Joint Operator Technical Specification for Neutral Host In-Building – Katie Pontin, Vodafone UK
Delivering in customer environments – Graham Payne, Freshwave
Architectural flexibility for neutral host networks – Stuart Holyoak, CommScope
Neutral host advanced connectivity, indoor & outdoor – Victor Dot Piulachs, Cellnex Telecom
● Stuart Bryden, BT Wholesale, Panelist

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Commercial property and indoor systems

Telecom deployments in the UK: The Telecom Code (Recent Developments) and what it means for small cells – Chris Stratton, MLL Telecom Limited and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Accelerating change for post-Covid commercial property – Darren Zitren, Cluttons LLP
Multi-operator in building connectivity as a service – Michael Ferris, Colt Technology Services
Options for indoor cellular – Piercarlo Giannattasio, Cellnex Teleco

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Towerco and neutral host models

The shape and evolution of global tower market – Laura Graves, TowerXchange
New models, new architecture? – Bill Cune, Corning
Optimizing neutral host small cell networks – Paul Senior, Dense Air Ltd.
Small cells for neutral host deployments in a 5G world – Roger Galuban, Ericsson
Neutral host networks for smart transport and smarter cities – Andrew Conway, BAI Communications UK

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Industry 4.0 and private networks, Edge computing

Case studies and customer insights for connected industries – Alexandra Rehak, Cambridge Consultants
Private Networks, pushing innovation through Open RAN – Abel Mayal, Airspan
5G for connected industries and automation – Andreas Mueller, Robert Bosch and Chair of 5G ACIA
Driving the industrial revolution with 5G connectivity – Yongbin Wei, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc
Private 5G for connected industries – Daniele Munaretto, Athonet/5G CONNI

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Small Cell Forum Awards 2021

Before this year’s Awards announcements, our distinguished panel of analysts provide their take on what’s important to our industry in the year ahead.

“The standard of entries was higher than ever this year, and the judges were particularly impressed by the wide range of technologies and business models that were represented. The finalists and winners reflect how the small cell market is maturing to enable a wide diversity of operators, suppliers and innovative services.”
Caroline Gabriel, Chair of Judges, Co-founder Rethink Research

Program & Status Report