Evaluating infrastructure sharing options

Why this work matters

Practical and standardized RAN sharing architecture has become a priority. MOCN and MORAN have been standardized by 3GPP, which lays down the foundation for RAN sharing. The JOTS Forum has recently developed additional specifications addressing security and related aspects for multiple MNOs to build their networks on a common infrastructure. Similar initiatives are also being pursued by ATIS. In short, RAN sharing architecture is in danger of fragmenting.


While there are always likely to be regional differences, SCF aims to explore whether a baseline blueprint is possible or even desirable. In Phase 1 of this project, SCF will provide a neutral assessment of the various solutions, their pros and cons and applicability in various deployment situations. This study is expected to help MNOs to assess the viability and qualities of the various infrastructure sharing frameworks for different scenarios. It will also address any region-specific dependencies and special requirements that may arise when considering a global sharing framework.

Neutral Hosts’ Perspective on Joint Operator Technical Specifications for Neutral Host In-Building

In this paper we provide a neutral host’s perspective on JOTS consensus UK MNO requirements – both for the UK indoor cellular market, but also how global neutral hosts view this model compared to established and emerging models in their own regions. We also outline SCF’s activities to support commercialization of JOTS in the UK, as well as encouraging similar models which can be supported with common technology and policy frameworks.

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