Quantitative assessment of OpenRAN split architectures

Why this work matters

There are multiple approaches to RAN disaggregation. Although 3GPP has identified eight split architectures, the industry is converging on a smaller set of options – i.e., Options 2, 6, 7.2 & 8. It is also recognized different deployment scenarios could benefit from different architectures. SCF has created the Disaggregated RAN Transport Study (DARTS) tool to enable a complete end-to-end comprehensive analysis of any split option architecture.


The aim of this initiative is to use DARTS to perform a thorough study that aligns specific split architectures to specific real-world deployment scenarios. The outcome is expected to help the industry with a quantitative assessment for the business case development of the various Open RAN options.

An analysis tool for Disaggregated RAN Transport

This is the companion paper to the DARTS online tool. The aim of this paper is to help deployers plan, design and budget for transport networks in different deployment scenarios. In the paper we discuss the details of the interfaces of different splits and their transport bandwidth requirements. We also discuss parameters which affect transport bandwidth calculations and their default values.

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