Advocacy and policy

At SCF, we are advocates for small cells. Much of the time this work involves communicating with regulatory authorities to enable deployment or open standards. But sometimes we are asked to simply inform. Our documents in collaboration with GSMA and MWF on the science behind RF exposure and health are one such example.

Small cells and health

This document is designed to address questions related to exposure to radio frequency (RF) signals from small cells and 5G technology, including the use of millimetre-wave (mmWave), massive MIMO (multiple input, multiple output), and beamforming technologies.

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SCF release papers

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SCF influencing European Densification

This document summarises SCF's contribution to study for the European Commission's Communication Committee (COCOM), aimed at advising national regulators on better public policies to support densification in Europe.


Small cell siting challenges and recommendations

This white paper – developed in collaboration with 5G Americas – sets out the reasons why densification is becoming urgent.


SCF market analysys & forecast 2023

This SCF Market forecast report 2023 sheds light on the current state of mobile infrastructure deployment and the challenges faced by and opportunities open to the telecoms ecosystem.


Small cells and health

One of our earliest documents, recently updated, is designed to address questions related to exposure to radio frequency (RF) signals from small cells and 5G technology, including the use of millimetre-wave, massive MIMO, and beamforming technologies. Recent years have seen a number of so-called ‘information’ websites appearing, sounding warnings over the health implications of 5G deployment.

SCF takes these concerns seriously and welcomes ongoing research. Small cells transmit very low levels of radio waves. The safety of radio waves has been extensively studied for more than 60 years and the research is subject to constant and continual review by government health agencies and independent standards-setting bodies around the world. International health authorities have found no convincing scientific evidence that radio frequency signals from wireless communications pose any adverse health effects.

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Health research and resources

Our Small Cells and Health web page provides a wide-ranging set of references so that you can better understand the work that has been completed by the healthcare industry, governments, industry associations, universities and independent researchers, as well as operators. We believe you will find this to be a useful tool to understand the safety of 5G and the associated equipment and spectrum.

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Small cell siting policy

The relationship between city authorities and wireless operators has often been a sticking point when trying to get good connectivity to every citizen. As the leading trade organization for the small cell industry, we have worked with 5G Americas and other stakeholders to help make change happen in the US, where the FFC has implemented a caps on fees for wireless carriers deploying small cells. We continue to work with governments, regulators and other bodies – such as the EU Commission ­– to ease small cell deployments in Europe and beyond as well.

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What we are working on

Below are some of our up-coming work items

Pro-densification policy and regulation

SCF has long lobbied for harmonized approvals legislation to simplify small cell deployment – and this effort is finally bearing fruits with the EU just recently adopting the small area wireless access point regulation, as well as the upholding of the FCC’s small cell order. Looking ahead, we see many new entrants the small cell service provider space and will continue to ensure small cell deployers’ voices are heard by policy makers and regulators.

Supporting diversification within secure networks – SCF gives feedback to UK Government on Telecoms (Security) Bill

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Enterprise engagement

Our work with the enterprise is well documented, and this year we have focused on indoor coverage, with the release of SCF231 Options for Indoor Cellular, which targets the property sector, landlords and businesses. However in our 2020-21 work program we will be moving on to focus on other verticals, such as logistics and in particular ports, with a work item dedicated to private networks for ports.

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