5g PHY API Release

5G FAPI: PHY API Specification

5G PHY API is the latest in a series of common interfaces which Small Cell Forum has defined to underpin an open small cell architecture and ecosystem, and the first in a family of 5G APIs.

Open APIs at every level – chip, network and application – are central to the vision that, in the 5G era, mobile platforms will be interoperable, and low barriers to entry will encourage broad innovation and competition.

SCF has been engaged in driving these open platforms throughout its history, and has seen several of its interfaces adopted by standards bodies like 3GPP and open initiatives like ORAN Alliance and Open Air Interface.

The first 5G FAPI release is 5G FAPI: PHY API.

This document defines both the P5 and P7 interfaces for 5G cells

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5G PHY API for small cells

Listen to Clare Somerville’s (5G FAPI Lead & Intel) presentation on 5G PHY API for small cells, presented at Small Cells World Summit 2019

The innovation of PHY API

Clare Somerville talks about the history of FAPI, how it was adopted as an industry standard and the role it will play in delivering 5G.

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