The Disaggregated RAN Transport Study (DARTs) tool is a free online calculator that evaluates and compares bandwidth requirements for various popular splits in a range custom scenarios.

DARTs – an online tool for the wireless industry

In the 5G era, deployers and equipment developers need to be able to select from a menu of open RAN options in order to address different use case requirements effectively, but without resorting to customized or proprietary approaches.

Given the broad range of use cases that need to be addressed, SCF’s view is that it is not just possible, but preferable to have several options fully developed and supported, as long as all the interfaces that gain strong support are also working within a broader framework of interoperability, including within the framework of 3GPP specifications.

With transport a central consideration in determining the cost and efficacy of a particular split architecture, SCF has developed a simplified version of the DARTs online tool that is freely available for the industry.

A full version of DARTs with all the data and calculations is only available to SCF members and can be accessed via the member website.

DARTs – An analysis tool for Disaggregated RAN Transport

Download our companion paper to the online tool, SCF247 DARTs - An analysis tool for Disaggregated RAN Transport. The aim of this paper is to help deployers plan, design and budget for transport networks in different deployment scenarios. In the paper we discuss the details of the interfaces of different splits and their transport bandwidth requirements. We also discuss parameters which affect transport bandwidth calculations and their default values.

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Options for split RAN

This high-level and approachable white paper argues that, despite the flexibility of open interfaces and APIs, there is a strong case for at least two options in terms of open RAN platforms, and that this is borne out by deployer survey data. And that this is especially vital in enterprise markets where no single solution will fit all scenarios.

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