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SCF is a global membership organization committed to supporting agile, low-cost mobile infrastructure through small cells. Our mission is to make mobile cellular connectivity an accessible resource for organizations of all sizes, and to support the digital transformation of industry, enterprise and communities.

As the mobile ecosystem has evolved, we’ve seen a significant shift from a traditional B2C environment to a B2B and B2C environment, providing potential for new business relationships and opportunities:

  • Technology providers expanding from OEMs, tower and transport providers to also include public and private cloud providers
  • Network providers expanding from MNOs to also include neutral host providers, private network providers and systems integrators
  • Service providers expanding from MNO/MVNOs to also include private network operators
  • Connectivity consumers expanding from individual subscribers to include industry, enterprise, smart cities, guests, employers and IoT

Small cells are the means by which enterprise, industry and communities are joining the mobile economy and finding new ways to create value with mobile connectivity.

SCF’s work program has been developed to support this new connectivity agenda, helping to promote and deliver the opportunities and overcome any barriers.

Why not join us on the journey?

  1. Download the AoA and Application Form, the IPR, Confidentiality & Anti-trust policies and the ETSI guidelines on IPR.

  2. Review, complete and authorize

  3. Submit the completed documents and membership services will be in touch

Membership benefits

Work item groups

  • Help evolve specifications, work program topics and themes
  • Share global best practice
  • Contribute to, or lead, work items in your chosen area
  • Promotion of your contribution through SCF channels globally


  • Discounted delegate passes for Small Cells World Summit 
  • Discounted sponsorship packages and exhibition space for SCWS
  • Face-to-face and virtual member-only plenaries 
  • Plugfest events 
  • Virtual events and webinars 

Marketing and market intelligence

  • SCF Market Forecast reports – raw data files made available to members 
  • Access to full DARTs tool, data and calculation 
  • Ability to suggest survey questions for annual market forecast 
  • Market intelligence sessions 
  • Free news distribution through SCF email channels and social media 
  • Company profiles and web listing 
  • Marketing Advisory Group 

Membership packages

Small Cell Forum membership is open to any legally established corporation, individual firm, partnership, governmental body or international organization supporting the promotion and worldwide deployment of small cell technologies.


From 5G densification to a significant rise in enterprise and in-building deployments, small cells are at the heart of the key trends driving 4G and 5G growth.

Our activities are evolving to reflect the diverse needs of different industries, and so too is our membership.

Neutral hosts, systems integrators, and fiber providers, among others, are joining traditional vendors and operators to cooperate in a rich program of cross-industry work items.

Act now to take a leadership position in an organization driving the digital transformation of industry, enterprise and communities.

Key features

  • Ensure your company’s commercial objectives are reflected in SCF’s agenda.
  • Recommend new initiatives to members based on the Board’s strategic decisions
  • All full member benefits
  • Limited positions

2023-24 membership year Executive Board member fee £17,750 (+VAT)


In the year ahead, SCF will capture requirements and help build confidence in the open, deployable solutions that are emerging from the ecosystem.

With 14 major work items already defined, our focus is on the needs and challenges of three groups:

  • Enterprises or vertical industries
  • Network deployers
  • Technology providers

If your company is to have a significant impact on how mobile networks evolve to support the needs of the many industries in the 5G era, now is the time to join us.

Key features:

  • Insights and customer requirements – access to in-depth market status research, operator surveys, industry group research
  • Stakeholder engagement – collaborate to solve problems and drive the industry forward
  • Promote your commercial agenda – drive the topics most important to your business
  • Best practice – shape industry standards, specifications and solution blueprints for key vertical sectors
  • Industry interaction and endorsement – work with partner organizations
  • Knowledge hub contributor – named contributors promoted as part of document releases
  • Leadership and credibility – peer-reviewed work through release documents
  • Global reach – engage with the international ecosystem
  • Influence and increased visibility – get your product/services in front of industry and customers via our enterprise panels
  • Network – potential customers, suppliers, influencers and peers

2023-24 membership year full member fee £9,500 (+VAT)


Pre-commercial membership features

  • Independent, pre-commercial organizations
  • Gross revenue in 12-month period prior to application to be, in aggregate, less than $500K USD
  • Certification assessed annually
  • Full member benefits apply

2023-24 membership year pre-commercial member fee £2,000 (+VAT)


Explorer membership features

  • Open to licensed holders of spectrum for mobile services
  • Complimentary 12-month period
  • Attend meetings, contribute to agenda
  • Access to SCF working documents and consumer research data

Contact Membership Services

If you are interested in becoming a Small Cell Forum member and require further details, please contact our membership services team.


Our work program

Below are the areas our members are working on as part of our work program.

Neutral host requirements

Our work here aims to promote a better understanding of the role of neutral hosts, their relationship to MNOs and other service providers, and the advantages of this evolving service provision landscape in the delivery of digital transformation for governments, economies, enterprises and society at large. This includes supporting, leveraging and globalizing the JOTS NHIB approach.

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5G products, splits and components

Small cells are changing. Their form is changing – with virtualized architectures increasingly important for 5G – and so are their use cases. To avoid the risk fragmentation, SCF is constantly evaluating products and splits against requirements to form a consensus view and concise definition of the types of 5G small cells and the key characteristics of the different types of commercially viable 5G small cell RAN products over the next five years.

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FAPI specifications

FAPI is a central component of small cell specifications, responsible for open small cell products. SCF has pioneered these specifications and continues to evolve them to meet the needs of the industry, while keeping pace with the 3GPP specifications in the macro RAN area. In 2023, the highly organized and efficient team will continue to develop release v7 of the FAPI specs, addressing P4 and P19 interface updates, evolution of the P9 interface, as well as MIMO and maintenance updates for P5 & P7 interfaces.

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Network FAPI

Network-FAPI/Split6 are an extension of the FAPI specs to be applied in a network environment, such as disaggregated Split6 based small cell networks, consisting of Distributed Radio Units (S-RU), Distributed Lower-Baseband Units (S-DU) and Centralized Higher-Baseband Units (S-CU). These specifications enable open small cell networks, ensuring multi-vendor interoperability between S-RU & S-DU. SCF has pioneered these specifications and will continue to enhance them in 2023. Specifically, non-ideal fronthaul and neutral host deployments will be addressed.

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Private networks and edge

We will be focusing on an evolution of the blueprint groundwork undertaken in 2022. The priority for our deliverables will be to derive scalable models for lower complexity deployment scenarios – key areas of focus will be healthcare and manufacturing. But we also want to look at key policy issues including promoting better understanding of the role of private networks for cities and local authorities, as well as considering the role of roaming and spectrum allocation in the context of PCNs.

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Advocacy and policy

SCF’s role extends to more than small cell technology and business cases, we also work with regulators, governments, and organizations. We act as advocates for small cells; on topics such as standardization, regulation, and health.

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