Options for Indoor Cellular

Options for indoor cellular

Today mobile connectivity is considered a standard building utility, in the same way water, gas or electricity is. In fact, cellular has become such an essential part of everyday life that we get upset when we cannot get a mobile signal. 

This has become a challenge for business and property owners, who until now have found it hard to achieve quality indoor multi-operator cellular coverage. SCF231 Options for indoor cellular is an accessible Guide for property owners and IT departments seeking to improve their indoor coverage.

Drawing on real world examples, we aim to help organizations of all sizes to understand what they can do to improve mobile connectivity on their property, be that as a landlord or a tenant.

The Guide explains: the diversity of service providers that business could be dealing with – carriers/MNOs, Neutral hosts, System integrators, Private Networks providers; as well as the technologies that they’ll be using, including small cells, relays, private LTE/5G, Edge, and DAS etc.

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A quick guide to improving indoor cellular coverage

For property owners and landlords we have created a dedicated short brochure, that quickly and simply describes the options available to improve indoor cellular coverage.

This ten-page document sets-out options for the best solutions for small spaces, and for larger scale properties and venues. It also includes case studies of properties that have already addressed their indoor cellular coverage issues.

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