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SCF market analysys & forecast 2023

This SCF Market forecast report 2023 sheds light on the current state of mobile infrastructure deployment and the challenges faced by and opportunities open to the telecoms ecosystem.


DARTs – An analysis tool for Disaggregated RAN Transport

The aim of this paper is to help deployers plan, design and budget for transport networks in different deployment scenarios. In the paper we discuss the details of the interfaces of different splits and their transport bandwidth requirements. We also discuss parameters which affect transport bandwidth calculations and their default values.

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Options for split RAN: Flexibility within a common framework

This high-level and approachable white paper argues that, despite the flexibility of open interfaces and APIs, there is a strong case for at least two options in terms of open RAN platforms, and that this is borne out by deployer survey data. And that this is especially vital in enterprise markets where no single solution will fit all scenarios.

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5G FAPI Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) Protocol for Inline High-PHY

In the context of Open RAN, the FAPI operations and maintenance (OAM) interface brings fuller virtualized support of inline High-PHY implementations in O-RAN Alliance architecture. The O-RAN fronthaul M-Plane typically terminates in L2/L3, requiring the FAPI suite to convey O-RAN M-Plane content between L2/L3 and L1. This new iteration has been streamlined to align with SCF222.

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5G FAPI: PHY API specification

PHY FAPI is the main API for FAPI, defining P5 and P7 interfaces for user and control plane into the PHY. Its typical application is between a PHY layer System on a Chip and the software stack for MAC and higher layer protocols. It can also be used to enable Embedded NIC Inline Accelerators for the High-PHY function in an O-RAN DU. This latest iteration includes support for 3GPP Rel-16 Remote Interference Management (RIM) and new high-resolution L1 Metrics (RSSI, RSRP and Noise+Interference): to assist the scheduling and automated logging functions.

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5G FAPI: P19 RF and digital frontend control API

This P19 interface specification serves as a companion to the 5G FAPI P5/P7 specification.

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5G nFAPI specifications

The 5G network functional application platform interface (5G nFAPI) is an initiative that extends for 5G the functional split between the MAC and PHY functions that enables virtualization of the MAC function.

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Neutral Host Requirements: Pt 2 Hosted RAN high-level design

SCF245 Neutral host requirements part 2: Hosted RAN high-level design, aims to globalize and build on the ground-breaking work initiated by the UK’s MNOs’ Joint Operator Technical Specification for Neutral Host In-Building (JOTS NHIB). However Hosted RAN is applicable for a range of tenants not just Mobile Network Operators, but also private network operators, MVNOs and enterprises, and is for indoor and outdoor coverage.

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Small Cell Open RAN: A catalyst for new 5G business models

Open RAN is an important step toward the democratization of radio access networks (RANs). This document aims to provide a crisp and accessible overview of Small Cell Open RAN – what it is and what it’s not, along with a short overview of SCF activities in this space.

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5G NR FR1 Reference Design

This paper sets out the case for a common, modular architecture for 5G NR FR1 small cell distributed radio units. It provides a comprehensive overview of the components and interfaces that comprise a 5G NR FR1 small cell distributed radio unit within the context of a reference design.

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How blueprints unlock the potential of 5G networks

This describes the SCF roadmap for a series of technical and deployment blueprints that will provide common reference designs and deployment processes that reduce the time, cost and risk of developing a small cell network. While based on standard specifications, the blueprints will be specific to certain roll-out scenarios that are not currently addressed by the frameworks of other organizations. The first blueprints will focus on private networks.

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